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Photo: boy looking through binocularsBird watching with kids is a great way to introduce them to the wonders of nature and get them involved in a healthy outdoor activity!

Steps to get children involved in bird watching:
  1. Purchase a pair of kid-sized binoculars. There are many companies that make inexpensive binoculars for children. Adult binoculars are often too difficult and too heavy for kids to use comfortably.

    Graphic: Binoculars like this pairof Eagle Optics Energy weigh only a few ounces, come in fun colors, and cost about $40!
  2. Find a field guide geared towards children. Many of the companies that produce field guides for adults also produce ones just for kids.

  3. Start by looking for birds that are easy for children to identify and help them to make a list so that they can remember what they’ve seen. Show them how to pick out identifying characteristics and find those characteristics in their field guide.

    Graphic: There are many field guides for children and beginners.
  4. To encourage their interest in birding, help your child build a birdhouse or bird feeder and keep a list of the birds that investigate.

  5. Bring your children to the National Aviary to practice using their binoculars and identifying birds!

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