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Photo: Grinning Boy1. Do something good for wildlife!

Keep your cat indoors.

Cats kill millions of songbirds every year.

If your cat must go outside, put a quick-release bell collar on your cat to help warn wildlife.

Help pull weeds instead of using chemical weed-killers. Learn about the risks and benefits of herbicides.

Help your family put up birdfeeders, birdhouses and birdbaths.

Put images or silhouettes on large windows to keep birds from flying into them.

2. Reduce waste!

Start a compost pile. It’s not smelly!

Compost your leaves and yard debris, or help grown-ups take them to a yard debris recycler.

Help your family use mulch to conserve water in your garden.

Learn about plants that are less reliant on watering, such as many native plants.

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