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Photo: Handing over car keys1. Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle:

Fuel-efficient vehicles will help your wallet at the gas pump and decrease the output of greenhouse gasses that are contributing to global warming.

2. Take care of your car:

Change your oil regularly and recycle your engine oil.

Keep your tires properly inflated.

Keep your wheels properly aligned.

3. Support car-free alternatives and use them:

More alternatives to the car mean less pollution, gridlock and urban sprawl. Try car pooling, walking, biking or taking mass transit.

4. Be a responsible citizen when traveling:

Don’t litter. Save trash and dispose of it at a rest stop. Throwing cigarette butts out of a window is littering.

5. Be a responsible consumer when shopping:

Buy only seafood certified as sustainably harvested.

Use a sustainable seafood guide to help choose fish that are not being over-fished.

Think twice about buying “disposable” products. (They end up in landfills.)

Buy paper products instead of plastic.

Avoid buying items with excess packaging (individually wrapped cheese slices, apples on a paper tray wrapped with cellophane, etc.).

Check the energy rating on major appliances you buy.

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