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Adopt-A-Bird Package Details
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Please note that complete details regarding the special encounters or opportunities will be provided with your package. These encounters must be scheduled in advance, and some limitations may apply.

Do I receive an actual bird?

No. Adopt-A-Bird at the National Aviary is a sponsorship program. Your gift goes towards supporting the 800 birds maintained as the Aviary’s collection, enabling our mission of inspiring respect for nature through an appreciation of birds.

Why didn’t I see my bird on exhibit when I visited the Aviary?

The National Aviary is home to a large, living collection. Our multi-faceted mission, together with the need to rotate species at various times, means that not all birds in the Aviary’s collection are on exhibit at all times. Other birds that reside off-exhibit can be seen during encounter experiences, and during the summer bird show.

What bird needs to be adopted most?

All birds at the Aviary receive the best of care. Adopt-a-Bird gifts are allocated to supporting the day-to-day costs of maintaining our exemplary bird collection.

I was looking for information on obtaining a pet parrot. If I can’t adopt from you, where should I begin looking?

It is important to remember that birds are wild animals and therefore make challenging pets. Anyone considering bird ownership should have adequate information before acquiring a bird. Pet birds require just as much, if not more, responsibility than a dog or a cat. And, just like dogs and cats, pet birds are often left without homes because their primary caregiver became ill, family members developed allergies, or individuals were simply unwilling to care for them, or to deal with their natural behaviors of loud vocalizations, chewing, and bonding with one member of the household. We recommend that you review these resources:

World Parrot Trust:
Parrot Education and Adoption Center:

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