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Can’t make the flight down to the National Aviary? Then let us bring the beauty of nature to you. From penguins to parrots, there is always a feathery friend available to brighten your classroom and inspire your students.

For information on how to schedule an outreach program or our Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy, please contact Laura King, Reservationist at 412-323-7235 ext. or by email.

Preschool & Kindergarten Presentations

30 minutes. Locations must be within 30 driving miles of the National Aviary and the cost of the 30 minute program is $250. A discount of $175 for the second program is available for back-to-back presentations of the same program. The recommended audience size for outreach programs is less then 40 students.

Feathered Friends
From peacocks to parrots to penguins, all birds have... feathers! Through interactive story telling, lots of touchable feathers, and a visit from some of the National Aviary’s “feathered friends,” children will learn what makes feathers so special.

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!
Do you like to swim? Would you like to wear a feathered coat? How about eating fish for breakfast? Preschoolers will learn what it takes to swim, waddle, slide and even eat like a penguin through interactive story telling and a special visit from one of the National Aviary’s African Penguins!

Mother Nature’s Diner
Ever wonder what birds eat in the wild? Do they eat worms, seeds, or fruit? Maybe even a mouse? Meet “Mother Nature” as she shares with the children what birds eat through an interactive puppet show.

Grades 1-12 Presentations

$250 per program Programs last 45 minutes to one hour in length, and must be held within 30 miles of the National Aviary. Discount for back-to-back programs. Second program $175. If the audience is over 50 students, please provide a microphone.

So, You Want to Work in a Zoo?
This class is recommended for high school or middle school students. Open up the world of zoos and zoo careers through discussions with the staff of the National Aviary and demonstrations with some of our feathered co-workers. Learn about the fascinating careers that are available in zoos, aquariums, and parks today while giving students a greater appreciation of the role that zoos play in modern conservation and research.

Penguins are cool, or are they?
Did you know not all penguins live in cold weather? In this class, students will learn fun facts and more about the 18 different species of penguins. Participants will be able to discover what makes these unique flightless birds different from other bird species.

Amazing Adaptations
What does it take for a bird to be a bird? Find out the answer to this question and more as the National Aviary introduces students to the diverse world of birds and their amazing adaptations! Live birds, feathers, beaks and feet will be used to explore this fascinating group of animals.

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