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Photo graphic: Students holding sign spelling SafetyThank you for choosing the National Aviary for your school field trip. Before you visit us, we encourage you to prepare your group by accessing our Classroom Tools and Activities, which includes our FREE award-winning online curriculum, classroom activities and self-guided tour materials.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the National Aviary’s schedule of events. These events include special feedings and our free-flight bird show. If you would like to attend these events, which are included in admission, please plan your trip accordingly.

In preparation for your visit, we ask that you Review and Adhere to the National Aviary’s Etiquette Guidelines to ensure that your trip is educational, fun and safe:

 Please wear nametags. This allows our staff to address your students by name and identify them as part of your group. If you plan to wear nametags, please use adhesive or necklace style tags. Please, no safety pins or straight pins – birds can swallow them!

 Use inside voices – loud noises will frighten many birds into hiding.

 Walk! Running through the National Aviary is dangerous. Floors can beslippery, birds can become frightened, and some of our birds can be found walking on the ground.

 Do not touch the birds. The birds at the National Aviary are used to being around people, but they do NOT like to be touched. Touching the birds may cause them to become frightened and they may defend themselves.

 Do not feed the birds. If your field trip plans to eat lunch at the Aviary, please make sure that students do not carry food or drinks into the exhibits. Our birds have specialized diets and eating something other than their normal food, such as popcorn, candy, or a small toy, could make them very sick.

 Stay together! For your students’ safety, please ensure that students are separated into manageable groups and are attended by a chaperone at all times.

 Bring your cameras! Our birds are very photogenic.

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The National Aviary is supported in part through membership, donations, and funding from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Allegheny Regional Asset District.
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