Enter Teachers' Guide

Learn the relationship between how a bird lives and its wingspan and
flying style.

Print out the .PDF files for both the Cuban Bee Hummingbird and the Andean Condor.

Measure out the profile of the Andean Condor, then trace it in chalk on the playground or using an overhead projector to project the image onto large paper or a cloth sheet.

hummingbird and condor printouts
chart paper
graph paper

Hummingbirds beat their tiny wings about a hundred times per second. Condors glide for hours without flapping once. Compare the biggest and smallest wings.


How many hummingbirds fit inside the profile of the condor?

A. Guesstimate how many hummingbirds will fit into the profile. Graph your estimate results (on chart paper or chalkboard) and explain how you came up with your estimate.

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