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Jessie Knowlton

Ph.D. Candidate, Stony Brook University

B.S., Ecology and Evolution, University of California Santa Cruz 2003

Jessie is a graduate student in the Ecology and Evolution department at Stony Brook University. Her research focuses on the ecology and conservation of mixed-species flocks of birds in the highly threatened coastal tropical dry forest of the Tumbesian region of Ecuador.

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Boris Tinoco

Ph.D. Candidate, Stony Brook University

Biologist, Universidad del Azuay, Ecuador, 2003

Boris is a biologist from Ecuador currently in the graduate program of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University. His research interests are bird community assemblages in disturbed habitats and the natural history of Andean birds.

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Krista Latta

B.S., University of Michigan, Program in the Environment, 2008

Krista’s research uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques to map bird’s territories and detailed habitat features. She has used these skills in a variety of projects focused on birds in urban parks, and Louisiana Waterthrushes on both their breeding and wintering grounds.

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